Park Hang Seo and his players win new sponsor

HCMC, April 2nd, VFF and Acecook Vietnam Jsc. entered a brand new contract that made Acecook become sponsor for Vietnam National football teams of different age groups

Mr. Park Hang Seo and his players at the signing ceremony Photo: N.K.


It is one-year contract, validated from April 1st, 2018. General Secretary of VFF, Mr. Le Hoai Anh, revealed: “VFF and its partners are actively seeking for new sponsors to ensure normal activities of National Football team. Therefore, we are glad to collaborate with Acecook Vietnam Jsc. The contract enables us to support national teams with better accommodation conditions during competition and training, as well as support injured players and contribute to awarding fund.”

Mr.Kajiwara Junichi, General Director of Acecook Vietnam Jsc., talked on the reasons to sponsor for national team “The wonder success in China of the U23 National Football team in the 2018 AFC U23 Championship has been the motivation and connection for the national spirit of millions people. This success impressed us about a promising future of Vietnamese football, “we are able to fairly compete with other strong football teams.” Then we decided to sponsor Vietnam National Football teams with a desire to turn our national team into a world-class team. We want to actualize our contribution to Vietnam social through sports. We do not limit our support in the U23 team, we plan to expand our support to both men’s and women’s national football team in the future. That explained our slogan “From Vietnam to the World.””

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