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Wakame Cup Noodle, a new instant noodle product with lots of seaweed – rich in fiber and minerals, fulfils increasing demands of Vietnamese consumers. The noodle product has both health benefits and deliciousness through the use of fragant sesame as an ingredient. A cooked Wakami Cup Noodle will interest those enjoying it with lots of seaweed on the surface, combined with sesame flavor and tasty corn seeds, bring a refreshing feeling and a healthy body to consumers.

Instructions for use

Bước 1
Pull the lid back until reaching arrowed line, put dried noodle and seasoning packages in
Bước 2
Pour boiling water in until reaching the line, close the lid and wait for 3 minutes
Bước 3
Stir well and serve immediately
Nutrition Facts
Energy: 333 kcal
Fat: 11,8 gr
Carbohydrate: 48 gr
Protein: 8,7 gr
Dried noodle: Flour, shortening (palm oil, antioxidants (BHA (320), BHT (321))), starch, thickener (Hydroxypropyl starch (1440)), salt, sugar, fish soluble extract, flavor enhancer (mononatrium glutamat (621)), stabiliser (pentanatrium triphosphate (451(i))), emulsifier (natrium carboxymethyl cellulose (466)), porous substance (natrium hydrocarbonate (500(ii))), acidity regulator (natrium carbonate (500(i))), color additive (curcumin (100(i))), spices. Seasoning packages: Miso flour 51,49 g/kg (soybean, barley), sugar, dried seaweed 36,08 g/kg, flavor enhancer (mononatrium glutamat (621), dinatrium 5'-inosinate (631), dinatrium 5'-guanylate (627)), salt, sesame, spices, non-dairy creamer powder (casein), dried corns, chicken powder (soybean, wheat), stabiliser (guar gum (412)), soybean powder, anticaking agent (amorphous silicon dioxide (551)), color additive (caramel group IV (150d), curcumin (100(i)), paprika oleoresin (160c)), yeast extract, starch.

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