Visiting the factory is an important event in activities chain to creates interaction between consumer and Acecook Vietnam. We proud to have this opportunity to introduce you our friendly and professional working environment of a Japanese Company; the production process of instant noodles with high-end technology in order to produce Japanese-quality products, ensure food safety and assurance when using.

Let’s come and enjoy the tour with Acecook Vietnam

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For media agency please contact the PR Department: (028) 38154064 – Ext: 1208

Visiting program information

Visiting time: 3 hours/group
- Part 1:
21-year journey of Acecook Vietnam to create Japanese quality noodles
- Part 2:
Visiting the factory, eye witnessing the entire production process via the special designed corridor for visitors
- Part 3:
The recipe for delicious and nutritious instant noodles
- Part 4:
1. Southern Area (Ho Chi Minh City):
- Address: HCM factory – Plot II-3, Street No.11, Tan Binh Industrial Park, Tay Thanh Ward, Tan Phu District - Visit date: Every Tuesday, Friday
2. Northern Area:
- Address: Hung Yen Factory: Nhu Quynh Town – Van Lam Commune – Hung Yen Province - Visit date: Every Tuesday, Wednesday (except the last week of the month)
3. Western Area (Vinh Long):
- Address: Vinh Long factory – Hoa Phu Industrial Part, Hoa Phu Commune, Long Ho District, Vinh Long Provice - Visit date: Every day except Saturday, Sunday and holiday
1. Acecook Vietnam shuttle bus:
- Maximum: 30 passengers/group - Minimum: 25 passengers/group
2. Self-sufficient means:
- Maximum: 50 passengers/group - Minimum: 30 passengers/group
In order to guarantee your safety during the tour, please come to Acecook Vietnam in group, not alone
- Representatives of the group contact and register group visiting via website.
- The company will reply and inform 07-10 days before the tour.
- Send the list of registered group’s members before visiting day via email: thamquannhamay@acecookvietnam.com
- Only receive group visiting (Quantity: 10 - 30 people).
- Costumes: polite and tidy
- Please do not smoke, take photos, carry flammable or detonated substances which are dangerous and animals.
- If any member in the group is sick, please do not join in the group.
- Acecook Vietnam has an authority to use all pictures of group visiting in the factory for the promotion activities in social media.
Directly register via website:
Register via email:

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