STEP 1: Dip Nha Toi rice vermicelli in hot water for 5-7 minutes, leave it in cold water, and let
it dry.
STEP 2: Sugpo prawn (or seafood optionally) hard-boiled, shelled, kept cold.
STEP 3: Put all ingredients for cooking fish sauce into a small pot (except for essence of lemon),
cook with low fire until sugar melts entirely, let it get cold and pour essence of lemon in and stir
them steadily, re-season to your taste.
– In a big bowl, put salad, onion, coriander, spring onion, persicaria, boiled fresh prawn, Nha Toi
rice vermicelli, slightly mix it with fish sauce.
Pour salad into the plate, add some slices of chilli.

Nha Toi Rice Vermicelli: 1 handful Various types of salad greens: 300g Coriander: 1 small bunch cut into small pieces Persicaria: 1 small bunch cut into small Spring onion: 1 small bunch cut into small pieces Onion: 1 small onion cut into areca segments Sugpo prawn: 300g (Or seafood such as octopus/salmon/oyster.) Fish sauce for salad mixture: Fish sauce of good quality: 4 spoons Essence of lemon: 3 spoons Boiled water: 6 spoons Refined sugar: 2 spoons Minced garlic: 1 coffee-spoon Minced citronella: 1 coffee-spoon Minced ginger: 1 coffee-spoon Minced chilli: 1 coffee-spoon