Hao Hao noodles with fried sweet-and- sour ribs

The tough noodles combined with fried sweet-and- sour ribs will bring you an interesting
experience when enjoying this dish. Show your ability to your family right now!

Pho with oyster cockle and Thai sauce

Add a new dish to your menu of sauce dishes! With simple processing way, you will have oyster
pho which is sour and sweet from tamarind, sweet-smelling from citronella, spearmint combined
with blood cockle. It is unputdownably and addictively delicious!

Hang Nga rice noodles with meat-pie and quail egg

It is not difficult to make meat-pie rice noodle as you believe. What you need to make a very
attractive pot of meat-pie rice noodles to well treat your family is 1 – 2 Hang Nga rice noodles
packages. Let’s discovery this super simple recipe!

Spicy sauce noodle

Show your ability of making a unique spicy sauce noodle to bring new taste to your family meal!
The strange peppery taste from the sauce of SiuKay noodles, the fresh sweet taste from chicken
matted with fruits and vegetables will surely be very attractive!

Vegetarian Hao Hao noodles with king trumpet mushroom and lotus seeds

It is a frugal but surprisingly delicious meal, which is not only nutritional but also easy to make.
An ideal vegetarian dish when you want to change your taste!

Gochi noodles mixed with sauté oyster

Let’s try this strange and unique recipe: Gochi noodles mixed with sauté oyster. This dish is
delicious, nourish and easy to make, suitable for you to make change to your family meals.

Gochi Flying Noodles

The fever of flying noodles has never subsided!!! Do you want to discover the secret of this
unique dish? All secrets will be revealed by Gochi Noodles right now.

Phu Huong cassava vermicelli mixed with parboil amaranth and seafood kimchi

Eye-catching color – Delicious taste – Rich nutrition, Phu Huong cassava vermicelli mixed with
parboil amaranth and seafood kimchi is an ideal choice for small family party. Save this recipe
right now to show your ability and make your family surprised!