Rice vermicelli with mussel and cumin

It is great to make sour soup with mussel and cumin, especially if it is eaten with Nha Toi rice vermicelli. Drink a spoon of hot soup, beat a bit o mussel, feel the freshness and deliciousness of touch and soft thread of rice vermicelli will eat and praise unceasingly.


In the transitional period between two seasons, a pot of frugal [rice vermicelli with mussel and cumin] is enough for your family to gather and enjoy. Save the recipe right now to show your ability and treat your family!!!

Gochi Flying Noodles

The fever of flying noodles has never subsided!!! Do you want to discover the secret of this
unique dish? All secrets will be revealed by Gochi Noodles right now.

Gochi noodles mixed with sauté oyster

Let’s try this strange and unique recipe: Gochi noodles mixed with sauté oyster. This dish is
delicious, nourish and easy to make, suitable for you to make change to your family meals.