To become a leading manufacturer of foodstuffs
in Vietnam whose management capacity
is commensurate with globalization.

To bring new culinary consumption concepts to local and foreign consumers through manuracturing and supplying high quality products. Through the production and sales of high quality products and services  to meet the modern demand and:

Bring satisfaction
to the consumers

Bring sustainable life and growth
to employees

Attain a strong position
and supports
all over the world.

Core values

Manufacture and sales of high quality and safe foodstuffs
to best meet the demand of consumers.

Ensure company management, policy compliance, targets, as well as information disclosure being smoothly and fully implemented.Enhance the competitiveness in term of price and attain a strong position in the world market.Mentioning Acecook Vietnam means mentioning a young, dynamic, friendly, and socially responsible brand.

Would you like to join us
to build a strong brand name
of Acecook Vietnam ?