Japanese standard instant noodles,
international standard control procedures.

In order to make each product of Acecook Vietnam a delicious meal that ensures the quality and gives the customers peace of mind, the whole production process is always under strict supervision and control by the international quality management system and meets the highest standards for food safety and hygiene of Vietnam and exporting countries.

Controlling input ingredients

Input ingredients are strictly selected and inspected under three following criteria:

Establishing a standard for ingredients with full physiological and biochemical properties (organoleptic, physicochemical, microbiological, metallic properties, etc.) meeting food safety and hygiene standards in accordance with local and international legal regulations on food.

Suppliers are evaluated prior to purchase annually based on the criteria of obtaining a national certificate on food safety and hygiene as well as other fundamental criteria of international food quality certification organizations such as BRC, IFS Food, HACCP and ISO 9001. The suppliers must commit not to use non-listed, irradiate additives, and use NON-GMO and environmentally friendly ingredients only.

100% of imported ingredient lots are inspected and tested for quality before being put into production in accordance with pre-set quality criteria. The inspection includes appearance checking, food safety and hygiene, and transport vehicles matter checking. Unqualified lots will be rejected to enter to Acecook Vietnam.

Controlling production process

The production process is controlled to meet the criteria of national and international norms and standards on food safety and hygiene.

  • 1

    HACCP food safety and hygiene (Recertified every three years)

  • 2

    BRC Global Standard for Food Safety (Recertified every year)

  • 3

    IFS Food standard for food quality and safety assessment (Recertified every year)

  • 4

    ISO 9001 for quality management system (Recertified every three years)

  • 5

    ISO 17025 and standard for laboratory capacity (Recertified every three years)

Controlling output products

Acecook Vietnam commits that 100% of distributed products meet quality standards and ensure the safety for health.

Product quality declaration has been approved by Vietnam Food Administration – Ministry of Health

Vietnamese standard
TCVN 7879:2008

Legal regulations of Vietnam and other countries where the products are exported to