DE NHAT MIXED NOODLE includes tough noodle threads mixed with moreish sauce, bringing attractive mixed noodle to you without coming in the kitchen. Furthermore, DE NHAT MIXED NOODLE is guaranteed the quality and safety by De Nhat noodle brand and Acecook company from Japan, you will feel more secure when enjoying mixed noodle with your beloved ones.

Instructions for use

Step 1
Put dried noodle, seasoning packages in the bowl.
Step 2
Pour 400 ml of boiling water in the bowl, close the lid and wait for 3 minutes.
Step 3
Drain off water. Put sauce package in the bowl, mix well and enjoy.
Nutrition Facts
Energy: 310 kcal
Fat: 7,6 g
Carbohydrate: 55,2 g
Protein: 5,1 g
"Dried noodle: Rice, thickening agent (oxidized starch (1404), starch acetate (1420)), salt, emulsifier (soybean lecithin (322(i)), natri cacboxymethyl cellulose (466)). Seasoning packages: Vegetable oils (palm oil, antioxidant (BHA (320), BHT (321))), chilli 36.80 g/kg, sugar, salt, food enhancer (mononatri glutamat (621), dinatri 5’-inosinat (631), dinatri 5’-guanylat (627)), onion, kim chi (fish sauce, tiny shrimp sauce), wheat protein lúa mì (artificial food coloring (Class III caramel color (150c))), seaonings, beef 4.32 g/kg, potato, dried carrot, dried field cabbage, soybean protein, artificial food coloring (Class I caramel color (150a)), synthetic beef flavor 1.22 g/kg soybean, milk), synthetic garlic flavor (soybean), artificial sweetener (acesulfam kali (950)), artificial smoke (soybean), preservative agent (kali sorbat (202)).

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