STEP 1: Immerse Nha Toi rice noodle in boiled water for 5-7 minutes, then rinse with cold water, drain

STEP 2: Marinate shrimp with honey, soy, minced garlic and minced ginger, marinate for 15 mins.

STEP 3: Heat the saucepan with some cooking oil, put shrimp in and stir, then put the mixture of honey and shrimp and stir with 4 filtered water spoon, cook with small fire until dry.

STEP 4: Heat a large pan with 4 cooking oil spoons, put boiled rice noodles then stir lightly.


Put noodles in dish, add honey sauce and shrimp on the surface, add onion and chili for option.

Nha Toi Rice noodle: 4 pcs
Black tiger shrimp boiled, remove cover: 400g
Honey: 4 soup spoons
Soy: 3 soup spoons
Minced garlic: 1 soup spoon
Minced ginger: ½ soup spoon
Filtered water: 4 soup spoon
Cooking oil, chili, green onion