Acecook Vietnam to open Ringer Hut Truong Dinh Restaurant

On August 17th, 2018, Acecook Vietnam will open Ringer Hut Truong Dinh Restaurant in No.54 Truong Dinh, District 1
This is the first restaurant in Vietnam signed the Contract of Franchise by Acecook Vietnam and Ringer Hut Company – No. 1 Nagasaki Champon noodle shop chain in Japan. Guests can enjoy here full original taste of dishes in Ringer Hut Restaurant’s favorite traditional menu in Japan such as Nagasaki Champon, Nagasaki Saraudon… In addition, a combination of veteran Acecook food technique and Ringer Hut processing technique also creates dishes that not only bring typical Viet Nam taste but also are quite unheard-of and attractive.


    • Restaurant name: Ringer Hut Truong Dinh
    • Address: 54 Truong Dinh, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, HCMC
    • Tel: (028)35 200 050
    • Size: 52 chairs (Floor 1: 12 chairs, floor 2: 40 chairs)
    • Opening time: 10h – 24h (Last order: 23h30)

Ringer Hut symbol is enlarged to highlight in luxury, unique external design in combination with the position with a lot of veteran surrounding buildings like Ben Thanh Market…contributing to bring imaginations at unheard-of dishes which guests can enjoy in the restaurant.

Internal restaurant is decorated in combination with burnt brick that reminds previous trading seaport area, Nagasaki, and designed to bring bright, clean feelings…so that guests in Viet Nam can enjoy full Nagasaki Champon noodle.



    • Nagasaki Champon noodle

This dish has large, tough noodle threads that are directly imported from Japan in combination with 11 various materials such as cabbage, beansprouts, red beet, corn, pork, shrimp, fried fish…all are cooked in special soup imported from Japan by Ringer Hut Company. All will create a typical mixed taste together with attraction and nutritional balance in this famous noodle. It is said that this dish is good for health and spirit.

    • Nagasaki Saraudon noodle

Special thing in this dish is created by fried noodle threads in combination with vegetables, meat, seafood…all are mixed in unique strong soup. Enjoying this dish, you will feel very crisp noodle threads, strong sauce and fresh, delicious taste from multi-color materials that look very attractive. In special, accompanying spices such as vinegar, mustard, Worcestershire sauce…are available in each table so that guests can self-adjust dishes in line with their taste like “My Style”

    • Hot & Sour Ringer Hut Noodle

This is the first cooperation product, combined between veteran Acecook food technique and Ringer Hut processing technique. Created in sour, sweet, hot taste background in familiar sour soup in the South Region in Viet Nam, combined a lot of fried vegetables according to Ringer Hut’s Japan style, Hot & Sour Shrimp Noodle will be a special dish that you must try when you come to our restaurant.


    • On the opening day on August 17th (Friday), Ringer Hut Restaurant provides dishes with favorable price:
        • Nagasaki Champon  VND 90,000 only VND 80,000
        • Nagasaki Saraudon VND 90,000 only VND 80,000
        • Nagasaki Champon Noodle with many vegetables VND 150,000 only VND 130,000
        • Combo VND 150,000 only VND 120,000
    • In addition, from August 17th to August 26th, the restaurant will present 1 Hot & Sour Hao Hao Noodle pack and 10% coupon to all guests in the next meal in the restaurant.
    • Also, other favorable dishes are available.

Acecook Viet Nam (08/2018)

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