Siukay - Challenge the bravery

The product is the 4-minute cooked noodles, with a wonderful combination of delicious juicy soup from seafood and spicy chili deep penetrating into the noodles, inducing users sublimate with very spicy taste, and then the feeling of pleasure overcoming the sweetness pain. This product includes chili package to help consumers adjust the level of spicy for their likings. If you are a savvy person, like experimenting with level 7 spicy noodles, use chili pack. Especially, this product can be processed deliciously by either fried or cooked noodles. To learn more about this product, visit http://thachthucsiukay.com
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Instructions for use

Step 1
Boil 500ml of water, put noodles, vegetable pack in.
Step 2
Cook for about 4 minutes
Step 3
Add the soup and spice packet in (Cooking) / Dry well, then add the soup and spice packet in (Stir-frying)
Step 4
Mix well and use immediately
Nutrition Facts
Protein 524 kcal
Fat 17,0 g
Carbohydrate 83,2 g
Protein 9,5 g
Instant Noodles Block: Wheat flour, shortening (palm oil, antioxidant (BHA (320), BHT (321))), starch, thickener (hydroxypropyl starch (1440)), salt, sugar, fish extract, baking soda (natri hydro carbonat (500(ii))), stabilizers (pentanatri triphosphat (451(i))), spices, food coloring (curcumin (100(i))). Spice packets: Refined oils (palm oil, antioxidant (BHA (320), BHT (321))), sugar, pepper, tomato, onion, flavor enhancer (mononatri glutamat (621), dinatri 5'-inosinat (631), dinatri 5'-guanylat (627), disodium succinate), salt, spices, sea food 10,43 g/kg (shrimp, fish extract, cuttle extract), dried carrot, dried green onion, food coloring (paprika oleoresin (160c), caramen type I (150a)), sweetener (acesulfam kali (950)), capsicum oleoresin, synthetic fried purple onion fragrance (the composition contains milk), preservative (kali sorbat (202)).

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