–          Clean beef shank, put it in broth pot to stew. When it turns soft, take it out, cut into thin slices.

–          Add salt, sugar, seasoning powder to the broth. Wash coriander, herbs, bean sprouts, leave them dry. Peel onions, cut them into thin slices. Slice lemon into pieces.

–          Swiftly dip rice noodles in boiling water, take them out into bowls. Place meat, onions on top. Pour hot broth in.

–          Serve with herbs, coriander, bean sprouts, lemon, chilli, chilli sauce and hoisin sauce.

- 400 gr of fresh rice noodles, 1 piece of beef shank. - 1/2 onion. - Coriander, herbs. - Bean sprouts, lemon, chilli. - Chilli sauce, hoisin sauce. - Bone broth. - Salt, sugar, seasoning powder.