–       Clean the chicken, leave it dry.

–       Place water pot on the stove to boil, put chicken, ginger, grilled shallots in the pot, do not close the lid, when the soup boils, turn down the fire, stew in small fire until the chicken turns soft.

–       When the chicken turns soft, take it out, shred it into small pieces.

–       Remove ginger and shallots.

–       Flavour the soup with salt, fish sauce, pepper, sugar, MSG.

–       Place soup pot on the stove to boil, swiftly dip dried “Phu Huong Banquet” Vermicelli blocks in for about 2 minutes. Then take it out into bowls, use scissors to cut “Phu Huong Banquet” Vermicelli short and fitting for picking up by chopsticks.

–       Put “Phu Huong Banquet” Vermicelli in the bowl, place chicken, onions, chilli on top. Pour the soup, squeeze lemon and sprinkle pepper in and serve.

- Chicken: 300 gr.

- 02 dried  “Phu Huong Banquet” Vermicelli blocks.

- 1 small ginger cut into thin slices.

- 2 shallots (grilled and peeled for their aroma and fine taste). Spices: Fish sauce, Salt, Pepper, Sugar, MSG, Scallions and minced coriander, lemon, minced chilli.