Satisfy all spicy tastes

“With large, chewy noodles, Kim Chi-flavored soup and delicious Seafood flavors blended like a bowl of noodles prepared at a noodle restaurant, MAKKAY meets the needs of spicy food lovers by offering delicious taste and satisfaction when experiencing emotions of using the product. Besides, MAXKAY Spicy Noodles with 72g of noodles is just enough for an average person to be still happy with his/her own spicy eating style.”
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Instructions for use

Cooking method
Step 1
Boil 400 ml of water, add the noodles.
Step 2
Boil 400 ml of water, add the noodles.
Step 3
Add the seasoning packets
Step 4
Stir well and serve immediately
Stir-frying method
Step 1
Boil 400 ml of water, add the noodles.
Step 2
Cook and stir evenly for about 4 minutes. Drain off water.
Step 3
Put the seasoning packets in the bowl. Mix evenly and serve immediately. "
Nutrition Facts
Energy value 363 kcal
Fat 13,4 g
Carbohydrate 55,0 g
Protein 5,6 g
A handful of noodles: Wheat flour (micronutrient supplementation: zinc, iron), tapioca starch, vegetable oil (palm oil, antioxidant (BHA (320), BHT (321))), thickener (hydroxypropyl starch (1440))), sugar, salt, fish sauce, foaming agent (sodium hydrogen carbonate (500(ii))), stabilizer (pentasodium triphosphate (451(i))), turmeric powder, natural color (curcumin (100) (i))). Spice packets: Vegetable oil (palm oil, antioxidant (BHA (320), BHT (321))), salt, spices (chili, garlic, pepper), flavor enhancer (monosodium L-glutamate e (621), disodium 5'-inosinate (631), disodium 5'-guanylate (627)), sugar, natural color (paprika oleoresin (160c(i))), salt substitute (potassium salt), dried scallions, artificial color (caramel group I (150a)), stabilizer (xanthan gum (415)), artificial seafood flavor 0.34 g/kg, chili extract, artificial red onion flavor (milk), antifreeze agent (amorphous silicon dioxide (551)), artificial sweetener (aspartame (951)), tapioca starch.

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