STEP 1: Dip Nha Toi rice vermicelli in hot water for 5-7 minutes, leave it in cold water, and let
it dry
STEP 2: Put the pan on the cooker, pour 4 spoons of cooking oil into the pan, put rice vermicelli
into and fry it for 1-2 minutes then turn off the cooker.
STEP 3: Put peanut butter, soy sauce, refined sugar and boiled water in a small bowl, and then
mix them (peanut butter mixture).
– Chicken fillet, carrot, washed Chinese pea, cut into mouthful pieces.
– Mix chicken with a little salt, pepper, seasoning.
– Heat the pan with medium fire, pour 4 spoons of cooking oil, and then pour ginger and garlic in
to deep-fry.
– Put chicken into the pan and fry it quickly until it is done to a turn, and then put carrot and
Chinese pea in to fry for 1-2 minutes.
– Finally, put peanut butter mixture in and fry quickly so that it is absorbed into chicken, taste it
to your appetite and turn off the cooker.

Pour fried rice vermicelli on a plate, and put chicken and fruits and vegetables on top, decorate
coriander and a little fresh lemonade if you would like slightly sour.

Nha Toi rice vermicelli: 4 handfuls Chicken fillet: 300g Carrot: 1 medium piece Chinese pea: 150g Ginger: 1 small smashed piece Garlic: 4 smashed pieces Peanut butter: 10 spoons Soy sauce: 6 spoons Refined sugar: 4 spoons Boiled water: 6 spoons Cooking oil/salt/pepper/seasoning *Coriander and fresh lemonade