–          Heat the broth.

–          Add salt, sugar, seasoning powder.

–          Boil quail eggs, remove shells. Clean pork livers, boil them, cut into thin slices. Boil tiger prawns, remove shells.

–          Stir-fry ground pork with minced shallots.

–          Wash chives, celery, lettuce.

–          Swiftly dip noodles in boiling water, take them out into bowls. Place liver, tiger prawns, quail eggs, bean sprouts, chives, celery, lettuce. Place ground meat on top, add some pepper.

–          Pour hot broth in the bowl. Serve with lemon, chilli.


- 100g ground lean pork. - 200g tiger prawns. - 200g pork livers. - 400g supple noodles. - 4 quail eggs. - Scallions, bean sprouts, chives. - Lemon, chilli, celery, lettuce. - Bone broth. - Salt, sugar, seasoning powder, ground pepper.