Be made from rice- can be called heaven pearl, Pho is considered as one of the famous Vietnamese native dishes. And now, these rice grains are cooked by Japanese quality technology, creating a soft and tough rice noodles in Đệ Nhất Pho that will completely satisfy the demand of delicious food, perfect quality, and bring healthy and friendly feeling. With Đệ Nhất Pho, you will enjoy the DELICIOUS – HEALTHY meal through the product of HEAVEN PEARL, VIETNAMESE NATIVE WITH JAPANESE STANDARD.

Instructions for use

Step 1
Put dried rice noodles, powder soup, thick soup, vegetable packages in the bowl
Step 2
Pour about 400 ml of boiling water in, close the lid and wait for 3 minutes
Step 3
Stir well and serve immediately
Nutrition Facts
Energy: 250 kcal
Fat: 6.5 g
Carbohydrate: 43.4 g
Protein: 4.4 g
Rice noodles: Rice, tapioca, potato starch, salt, Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose (E466), sorbitol (E420), Lecithin (E322) Soup: Refined oil, salt, monosodium glutamate (E621), sugar, spices (garlic, pepper, chilli, onion, ginger, rice noodle spice), mock meat (made from soybean), beef powder, artificial beef flavour, dried scallions, dried culantro, Disodium 5' inosinate Disodium 5' guanilate (E631, E627), yeast extract, Disodium succinate (E364ii), citric acid (E330), anticaking agent (E551), natural colour extracted from cashew (E160b), artificial sweetener (E951), antioxidants (E320, E321).

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