– STEP 1: Dip Nha Toi rice vermicelli in hot water for 5-7 minutes, leave it in cold water, and let it dry

– STEP 2: Soya-cake cut into 1.5-2cm thick pieces, coat soya-cake with a thin layer of corn meal and then smashed citronella

– STEP 3: Heat the pan with some cooking oil, fry pieces of soya-cake until both sides become yellow, and then cover them with smashed citronella

– STEP 4: Heat the pan with some cooking oil, pour smashed garlic and ginger in, fry them, and then pour spring onion cut into small pieces, pineapple and chilli in, fry quickly until it is done to a turn.

– Finally, pour Nha Toi rice vermicelli in and fry it quickly until it is done, dress with some soy sauce.

Pour fried rice vermicelli on a plate, eat it with soya-cake fried with citronella and soy sauce, and add sliced chilli to your taste.

Nha Toi rice vermicelli: 4 handfuls Soya-cake: 2 big pieces Chopped citronella: 100g Corn meal: 4 spoons Pineapple: ½ pineapple cut into mouthful pieces Chilli: 2 sliced chilli Ginger: 1 small smashed piece Garlic: 6 smashed pieces Spring onion: top of small branches Soy sauce Cooking oil/salt/pepper