Wow! Instant noodle

Poems about noodles


Every morning when I get up

Grab a pack of instant noodles

Satay noodles or chicken Pho

With savory taste and rich broth

For who likes sour and spicy taste with lemongrass

Thai hotpot noodles is ready to serve

Springy, milky, and smooth

Sweet soup, tasty noodles make us crave

The widely favored one – Michico

Has the fresh taste thanks to Japanese technology

Counting each second, De Nhat is the best

Beef, pork, crab with tamarind sauce flavors

Numerous flavors for you to choose

Wonton noodles is so charming

With aromatic shrimps and delicious wonton

Making you full of feelings and emotions

‘Enjoy’ bowl noodles asserts itself

With real shrimp, veggies, and meat

In delicious soup that can’t be defeated

Hao Hao is the friend of many people

Which is cheap and so popular,

Delicious and affordable

And more addictive than coffee and cigarette

Next is the soul of Japan

Udon suki suki is here to serve

Please immediately take and enjoy it

The strange taste with seaweed flavor

The fragrant aroma never makes you bored

Wow, instant noodles are so diverse

They have low price while quality is high

Each type has its own attraction

So hungry people will first say “Wow, instant noodles”


Nguyen Thi Kim Hang (020543)

Ca A- NM HCM2 – Acecook Vietnam

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Poems about instant noodles

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