The love of Instant noodle lady

Poems about instant noodles


I stuffed myself in the mixer

To give you smooth dough

You received and then forgot

Pushed me into the shredder and steamer

I got hurt being cut into pieces

And dropped in the middle of the mold

Falling tears, I was extremely sad

I was determined to transform my shape

I trained myself in the frying oil

To have small, square and round body

Getting out of the pan, I was like a fairy lady

Having curve, and attractive fragrance

You got excited and dropped your jaw

You stole a glance but not dare to touch

I was welcomed – You was forgotten right away

Everyone cheered and I was happy

I was cherished and became famous

And I traveled to many places

Now I have shrimp, meat, fish, and veggies

That is the desire of many fans

Of student, elderly, and young children

Of the farmer, of the senior manager

Now I become a star,

An angel to save the world

You are alone like a little bird

Being lost in the middle of the sea

Where are you, my fairy lady?

Please come back to me to cease my sadness

I miss you so badly inside my heart

It hurts me so much, my baby

My fingers are in sulks

They refuse to do anything

Seeing you, my heart is broken

The old love and affection come back

My darling! So much love and affection

I am sulking, but I can’t forget

A love that I once dreamed of

Having you beside me, my love will last

I will be beside you all the time

Share with you what we dream of

Together we share joy and sorrow

I will be the resource to nurture your whole life.


Nguyen Thi Thanh Ha _Noodle production, Shift A

Binh Duong branch (Acecook Vietnam)

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