GOCHI – A culture behind the dish

Japan is not only well-known for its unique, nutritious and healthy culinary culture, but also possesses sophisticated philosophical treasures in every meal in certain principles that are nowhere to be found.

Thankful before and after meals is an outstanding feature in Japanese culture. If you have the chance to enjoy a meal with them, you will always hear “Itadakimasu” – meaning “Kindly let us start the meal” when the table is full of all members, it is not just ritual to start the meal, but it is also a thank you for those who prepared for that meal. And after having eaten, they will close their hands together to finish the meal with the phrase “Gochisousama.” This sentence can be simply understood as “Thank you for the delicious meal!” to express gratitude and respect to the person who prepared the meal, as well as thanks again for The Creator has brought good foods to human, or for those who has cultivated them.

“GOCHI” – derived from “Gochisousama” to express gratitude and respect for meal

Acecook Vietnam has chosen the name GOCHI – derived from “Gochisousama” to name for a new brand of instant noodle. By this name, Acecook Vietnam wishes to pass the word “Gochi” to everyone so they could express their gratitude to our food preparers, and show it before and after meal. Since then, the culture of bold humanity and sophistication will gradually spread, creating such a good behavior for each individual.

Say”GOCHI” before and after meal to express unpretentiousness

The meaningful message of GOCHI is beginning to be well received and spread throughout the meals. Vietnamese people now feel their meals are more delicious and dearer when saying “GOCHI”. Values and meanings sometimes come from the smallest things!


Let’s say “GOCHI” to express gratitude before and after meals

Now, let’s say “GOCHI” before and after every meal!

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