–          Grind crabs with water, filter to get the juice, put it in the pot to heat in small fire.

–          When crab meat is formed into blocks, take them out into bowls, keep them separate.

–          Split each tofu block into quarters. Flavour the broth with spices. Fried minced shallots, stir-fry sliced tomato with crab roe, then put them in the broth pot, heat it.

–          Put rice vermicelli in bowls, pour boiling water in then swiftly remove water. Put crab meat and pour hot broth in.

–          Serve with water spinach, shave banana inflorescence, herbs, lemon, chilli.

- 300gr ground field crabs. - 400gr fresh rice vermicelli. - 4 tomatoes. - 2 fried tofu blocks. - Scallions, herbs. - Shave water spinach, banana inflorescence. - Shallots, lemon, chilli. - Salt, sugar, seasoning powder.