– Clean oxtail bones, pig’s feet, stew them in the pressure cooker to make broth.

– When pig’s feet are cooked, take them out. Slice short loin.

– Add 2 tablespoons of shrimp paste in liquid form to the broth pot. Flavour it with spices. Cut onions into thin slices.

– Wash herbs, scallions.

–  Swiftly dip beef rice vermicelli in boiling water, take them out into bowls. Place short loin, pig’s feet, add scallions on top. Pour hot broth in and serve with herbs, lemon, chilli.

– 400gr pig’s feet chopped into chunks.
– 300gr oxtail.
– 200gr short loin.
– 400gr beef rice vermicelli.
– Lemongrass, onions, scallions.
– Shallots, herbs.
– Lemon, chilli, shrimp paste, salt, sugar.