STEP 1: Wash eggplant, cut it vertically into half, and slice its surface in net shape

STEP 2: Wash carrot, slice it into threads, crush it with a spoon of refined sugar and put into the fridge

STEP 3: Apply a layer of unsalted butter on eggplant, roast it by stove (or oven at 200oC, two temperature scales from 20 to 30’), until the eggplant pulp is soft and sweet-smelling.

STEP 4: Dip Nha Toi rice vermicelli in hot water for 5-7 minutes, leave it in cold water, and let it dry

STEP 5: Put a small pan on the cooker, heat 4 scoops of cooking oil, pour spring onion and ½ spoon of seasoning into the pan, stir them quickly then turn off the cooker.

STEP 6: How to make sweet-and-sour fish sauce:

– Put sugar and boiled water into a small pot, cook until it melt and let it get cold

– Put other ingredients into the pot and steadily stir them

– Taste it to your appetite


Put fennel/, bean sprouts and Nha Toi rice vermicelli into a bowl, put ½ roasted eggplant on top, add spring onion, roasted peanut and sliced carrot, and eat with sweet-and-sour fish sauce.

Nha Toi Rice Vermicelli: 4 handfuls Eggplant: 4 -6 pieces Spring onion cut into 1cm pieces: 150g Carrot: 1 piece Smashed roasted peanut: 100g Melted unsalted butter: 50ml Cooking oil/refined sugar/seasoning Herbs/bean sprouts Sweet-and-sour fish sauce: 5 pieces of smashed garlic 2 smashed pieces of chilli 200ml boiled water 100g refined sugar 70ml fish sauce of good quality 70ml essence of lemon (or vinegar)