–          Clean pork ribs, chop them into 4-cm chunks, stew them in the pot in about 20 minutes.

–          Peel carrots, wash them, shape flowers from them, slice them.

–          Stew ribs in about 10 minutes, then add carrot slices.

–          Constantly remove foam to make the broth clear. Flavour it with spices. Wash bean sprouts and lettuce, leave them dry. Wash scallions, mince them. Slice chilli.

–          Dip beef rice vermicelli in boiling water until it is cooked, take it out into bowls.

–          Place pork ribs, carrot flowers and slices on top. Pour hot broth in, add minced scallions, chilli, ground pepper. Serve hot with bean sprouts and lettuce, lemon.

- 400g pork ribs.
- 400g supple noodles.
- 1 carrot.
- Ground pepper, chilli.
- Lemon, scallions.
- Lettuce, bean sprouts.
- Salt, sugar, seasoning powder.