In the atmosphere of the Vietnamese people are looking forward to, expecting in a prospect generation of Vietnam football, and ACECOOK is currently the official sponsor for the Football Federation of Vietnam VFF, 02 / 2018, the promotion “HAO HAO EFFERVESCENT WITH SPORTS” officially began with the gifts extremely attractive:

 1. Promotional goods and services (promotional products):

    • Instant noodles Hao Hao with flavor of sour and spicy;
    • Instant noodles Hao Hao with flavor of yellow chicken;
    • Instant noodles Hao Hao with flavor of shrimp and onion; and
    • Instant noodles Hao Hao with flavor of sweet and sour fried shrimp.

 2. Promotion Period: From 07:00 on 02/5/2018 – 19:00 on 30/7/2018

 3. Promotion area (scope): The whole territory of Vietnam

 4. Promotion form: scratch the card to define the prize.

 5. Prize structure

Structure Content Value (VND) The number of prize Amount (VND)
First prize (Best) 01 Golden ball worth 3 tael of 9999 gold 116.470.000
(In which: the value of 3 tael of gold at the time of registration is 110,970,000 VND and the remuneration is 5,500,000 VND)
30 3.494.100.000
Second Prize (Second) 01 Sony Ultra HD 4K 43 “


14.350.000 300 4.305.000.000
Third prize (Third) 01 Air conditioner Daikio DKA-04000A 4.050.000 1000
Total 1330 11.849.100.000


  • Prize I, II, III values are inclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT).
  • The total value of prizes in the promotion program is 11.849,100,000 VND (in words: Eleven billion, eight hundred and forty nine million, one hundred thousand Vietnamese dongs)
  • Prizes cannot be changed into cash.
  • First prize (Best), second prize (second), third prize (Third) will be guaranteed under the regime of the prize provider.
  • A customer can win multiple prizes and unlimited number of prizes.

 6. Detailed contents and rules of promotion program:

 8.1 How to participate in the program

During the promotional period, when customers purchase promotional products, they will have the chance to win one of the prizes, which are placed inside the promotional product. Customers who receive the winning stamps in the promotional products are surely winning one of the prizes: 01 gold ball worth 3 teal of 9999 gold or 01 Sony Ultra HD 4K 43 “KD43X8000E or 01 Daikio air conditioner DKA-04000A.

Acecook Vietnam Joint Stock Company will proceed to place prizes in promotional products at Acecook’s factories in the presence of representative of local Department of Industry and Trade, leader of Acecook Vietnam Joint Stock Company, and then distribute the number of prizes across the country.

 8.2 Regulation on proof of winnings

Valid Scratch Cards are scratch cards issued by Acecook Vietnam Joint Stock Company. A valid scratch card has the following dimensions: 4 cm x 6 cm. Scratch card must be intact, not torn, patchwork. On the card scratches show the contents as follows:

  • Trademark of Acecook Vietnam Joint Stock Company
  • Name of the promotion
  • Scope of application
  • The prize announce after the silver rake
  • The duration of the promotion
  • Image promotional prizes
  • Contact Info
  • Control code (no scratches)

8.3 How to determine winnings

  • During the promotional period, customers who are eligible for promotional prizes have the chance to receive one prize is a gold ball worth 3 teal of 9999 gold or a television Sony Ultra HD 4K 43 “KD43X8000E or 01 air conditioner Daikio DKA-04000A is placed in promotional products.
  • After scratching the silver rake of stamps, the winning stamp represents the prize that the customer wins. Specifically:

(i)  Scratch card with the words: “01 GOLD BALL WWORTH OF 3 TEAL OF 9999 GOLD “: The winner of the first prize was a gold ball worth 3 teal of 9999 gold;

(ii) Scratch card with the words: “01 TELEVISION SONY Ultra HD 4K 43” “: The winner of the second prize is a television Sony TV HD 4K 43” KD43X8000E.

(iii) Scratch card with the words “01 DAIKIO DKA-04000A AIR CONDITIONER“: The winner of the third prize is Daikio DKA-04000A air conditioner.

 8.4 Time, place and procedures for receiving bonus:

After customers receive the Customers receive prizes I (first), II (second) or III (third). The method of reward is as follows:

    • Customers should contact the program’s hotline at 19001884 (1,000 VND / 01 minute) from 07:00 to 19:00 daily (including holidays, Saturday and Sunday) during the period from 02/5/2018 to 31/07/2018 for guidance on procedures for receiving prizes. The counseling center of the program will advise the winning customers on the identification of the winning ticket and make an appointment to award the prize at the residence address of the winner. Upon expiry of the above-mentioned time limit, the scratch card will no longer be valid for receiving the bonus. Prizes will be handled in accordance with the law.
    • At the time of the award as agreement before, customers need to present a valid identification card and a scratch card to the staff is BCI Trademark Care Co., Ltd to check, compare and sign on the minutes of the award, providing the full information: Full name, ID card number, address, telephone number. Prize winners receive 30 days from the end of the promotion.

8.5 Provision of solving the questions related to sales promotion

For questions related to this promotion, customers contact program’s hotline at 19001884 for guidance, answers (1.000 VND / minute). Hotline 19001884 operates from 7am to 7pm daily (including holidays, Saturday, Sunday) starting from 02/5/2018 to 30/08/2018.

 9. Other regulations:

    • Acecook Vietnam Joint Stock Company is responsible for paying irregular personal income tax to winners (if any).
    • If the winning client agrees, Acecook Vietnam Joint Stock Company will use the name and image of the winning client for commercial advertising purposes.


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