Promotional program “FROM VIETNAM TO THE WORLD”

Dear our valued consumers, to respond to Vietnamese consumers’ sentiment for Modern instant noodle brand in the past time, on October 15th, 2018, Acecook Vietnam will officially launch a Promotional program for consumers named “FROM VIETNAM TO THE WORLD”.

With the design of product package using the image of Vietnam U23 players, the company hopes to bring an eventful and overenthusiastic summer 2018 with Acecook Vietnam cup noodle/bowl noodle.

Information of promotional program FROM VIETNAM TO THE WORLD

1. Name of promotional program: “FROM VIETNAM TO THE WORLD”       

2. Promotional products

    • Modern instant cup noodle, Thai Shrimp Flavour
    • Handy Hao Hao instant cup noodle, Hot & Sour Shrimp Flavour
    • Nho Mai Mai instant noodle, Thai Flavour
    • CayKay instant cup noodle, Beef Flavour

3. Promotional Time: From 07:00 on 15/10/2018 – 19:00 on 12/01/2019

4. Promotional range: In the whole country of Vietnam

5. Promotional method: Scratch and turn numbers to determine winners

6. Prize structure: Total prize value of approx. VND 3.9 billion

Prize structure

Prize content

Prize numbers

Prize I (First Prize

Gift voucher selecting any tour with total value of VND 100,000,000 held by Saigontourist Travel Service Co., Ltd


Prize II (Second Prize)

Motorcycle Suzuki GSX – R150


Prize III (Third Prize)

Scratch card Mobifone, Viettel, Vinaphone, Vietnamobile or Gmobile worth of VND 100,000



    • Prizes are not converted into cash.
    • Acecook Vietnam commits that the prize value is accurate based on input invoices for purchase of prizes.
    • Prizes II (Second Prizes) will be under the warranty in the warranty regulation of the prize provider. 
    • A customer is able to win many times and not limited to prize numbers. 
    • Prize colour will be randomly delivered to winners.
    • Prizes include personal income tax for winners. 
    • All prizes are given in the place agreed with winners.

7. Method:

    • The method of putting scratch cards into promotional products: Acecook Vietnam will put scratch cards printed into promotional products and distribute prize numbers in the whole country.
    • The method of program participation:
        • In the promotional time, customers who buy 01 any cup/bowl noodle (promotional product) are able to get a scratch card put into such cup noodle. Customers who get a scratch card are sure to win one of the products of the program.
        • Scratch cards have a silver coating showing the prize content. Customers scratch the silver coating at the specified box in the scratch card to determine the prize as per the program’s prize structure. 
    • The regulation on winning evidence: 
        • Valid scratch cards are the ones issued by Acecook Vietnam.
        • Valid scratch cards have the following dimensions: horizontal 5 cm x longitudinal 5 cm.
        • Scratch cards should be intact, not broken, patched.
        • Scratch cards show the following contents:

– Brand symbol of Acecook Vietnam

– Name of promotional program

– Winning code or winning notice in the back of the silver coating

– Time of promotional program

– Images of promotional prizes

– Contact information

– Deadline of prize receipt

– Part without scratch (Control code)

– Remarks on keeping scratch cards to participate in turning numbers for prizes.

    • Method of winning determination:
        • In the promotional time, customers who buy the products have an opportunity to get scratch cards. Customers who get scratch cards will have 100% opportunity to win prizes of the program
        • Customers who get scratch cards shall scratch the silver coating in the regulation thereon to determine a message code to get Prize III – phone account of VND 100,000 from the promotional program.
        • Customers with stamps and notice to the organization unit are sure to win Prize III and have an additional opportunity to participate in turning lucky numbers for Prize I or II.
        • The program of turning numbers for Prize I or II is conducted 3 times. Number turning series is dependent on the time of sending messages for scratch cards, namely:
Number turning series The time at which customers send messages of prize code to the call center (in the time recognized in the call center) Number turning time Prize structure
I (First Prize) II (Second Prize)
1st time 07:00 on 15/10/2018 – 19:00 on 12/11/2018 10:00 on 14/11/2018 5 10
2nd time 19:01 on 12/11/2018 – 19:00 on 12/12/2018 10:00 on 14/12/2018 5 10
3rd time 19:01 on 12/12/2018 – 19:00 on 13/01/2019 10:00 on 14/01/2019 5 10


    • As soon as the turning results are got, Acecook Vietnam will declare the winning results and directly notify to winners via phone numbers which customers have used to get scratch cards before. Qualified customers in the series of number turning will have the right to continue the next series in case of no winning until completion of 3rd time.
    • After scratching the silver coating in the regulation, customers will win in the prize noted in the scratch card, namely:

a) Scratch cards with the line: “01 PHONE ACCOUNT OF VND 100,000 WITH PRIZE CODE XXXXXXXXX”, in which XXXXXXXXX is the prize code including 9 characters. Customers use the prize code to send a message in the specified syntax to the call center of the program to receive the prize and join in the program of number turning.  

b) The deadline of winning information receipt is at 19:00 on 13/01/2019.

    • Time, location, procedure of prize receipt: 
        • For Third Prize (III): After getting s winning stamp in promotional products, customers shall scratch the silver coating to get a scratch card of VND 100,000. Customers use the prize code to send a message in the specified syntax to the call center of the program to receive the prize and join in the program of number turning.
            • To use the prize of phone account, customers send a message with the syntax “ACECOOKCUP [blank] <prize code>” send 8079 (500 dong/01 message).
            • Customers who send the message with correct syntax will receive a feedback: “Congratulation! You’ve won a phone card of VND 100,000 from the program “FROM VIETNAM TO THE WORLD”, the prize will be directly sent to your subscriber”. Immediately, customers will be sent respective prize value in their subscriber (applicable to both prepaid and post-paid subscribers).
            • After customers are sent the prize value in their subscriber (applicable to both prepaid and post-paid subscribers), they will get an additional message: “You’ve sent VND 100,000 in this subscriber. This your phone number is confirmed to join in the program of number turning with prizes including gift voucher of selecting any tour worth of VND 100,000,000 or motorcycle Suzuki GSX – R150. Please retain the prize stamp and keep the contact to get the winning information (if lucky)”.
            • In case of incorrect prize code or syntax, customers will get a feedback to their subscriber with the content: “Your syntax is incorrect, please repeat in the following syntax: ““ACECOOKCUP [blank] <prize code>” send 8079”.
            • In case of expiration of winning information receipt but customers send the message to get the prize, they will get a feedback to their subscriber with the content: “Sorry! The time of promotional program is ended at 19:00 on 12/01/2019, thank you for your support to the program”.
            • Customers are given the prize only if scratching the prize stamp and sending the message to the call center in the syntax from 07:00 on 15/10/2018 – 19:00 on 13/01/2019. In case of broken stamp or no prize code seen (due to customers’ fault in scratching), customers are not got the prize. After the said time, all winning stamps that are not scratched and sent the prize code in the specified syntax will be invalid.
            • Determining total prize value without winners of scratch cards is the basis to pay the cash into the national budget based on the summary report of paid amount to customers in the said syntax during the promotional time. The summary report which is confirmed by Acecook Vietnam and Elcomplus., JSC (the unit in charge of number head 8079) is also the basis to determine the list of customers joining in the program of number turning for each number turning series hereunder.
        • For Prize I (First Prize) and Prize II (Second Prize):
            • At the time of awarding made an appointment to customers in the local area where customers live/work, customers shall present valid personal papers and winning scratch cards to the staff of the prize provider B.C.I Brandcare Co., Ltd and Saigontourist Travel Service co., Ltd (for Prize I) or Minh Thanh Production Trading and Export Import Company Limited ( for Prize II) to check, collate, sign in minutes of winning confirmation, minutes of awarding, provide full information: Full name, ID No., address, contact number. If:
                • The call center can’t contact with the winning phone number which customers have used to get scratch cards before, or
                • Customers no more retain original winning stamp for collation.
            • Prizes will be considered as having no winners. The Organization Unit will determine prize numbers with no winners for Prize I and II to pay into the national budget in the current law.
            • The final time at which winners receive prizes is 45 days since the end date of the promotional program.


    • The deadline of awarding: The final time at which Acecook Vietnam is responsible for awarding winners is 30 (thirty) days since the end date of the promotional program. 

8. Regulation on question answering clue involving the promotional program:

    • For all questions involving this promotional program, customers contact in hotline 19001284 (VND 1,000/min) for instructions. 
    • The call center 1901284 (VND 1,000/min) starts from 07:00 to 19:00 each day (including holidays, Saturday, Sunday) from 01/10/2018 to 26/02/2019.

9. Responsibility of notice:

    • Acecook Vietnam notices on promotional programs on the website, newspapers and at all Modern cup noodle agents, distributors in the whole country.
    • Acecook Vietnam is responsible for noticing the results to winners and publishing on the website and newspapers.

10. Other regulations:

    • Acecook Vietnam is not responsible for any scratch cards contacted beyond the promotional time.
    • Acecook Vietnam is responsible for irregularly paying personal income tax to winners to prizes. 
    • Acecook Vietnam bears full responsibility for printing management, accuracy of winning evidences and bringing winning evidences into the circulation in the promotional program.
    • The organization of promotional program should be made sure of fairness, transparency, objectiveness. 
    • If winners agree, Acecook Vietnam will use their name and image for commercial advertising.
    • In case of a dispute involving this promotional program, Acecook Vietnam is responsible for direct settlement, if the negotiation is failed, the dispute will be resolved in the law.
    • For prizes with no winners, Acecook Vietnam is liable for paying the cash of 50% declared value of such prizes into the national budget in the regulation at clause 4 article 96 the Commercial Law.



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