Section 4 – Instant noodle and the nutrition balance

Questions related to instant noodle

Section 4 – Instant noodle and the nutrition balance

Source (Free Information for Health Consultant)

On the afternoon of March 23rd, doctor of “Medical Joy” – Luong Le Hoang spent more than 2 hours to consult, discuss directly with AloBacsi readers about questions related with instant noodle pack


– Trinh Ngoc Minh Thuong – Tran Nhan Ton, Distric 5, HCMC

There is “injustice” to assume that instant noodle is not nutritional and harmful for health? If a bowl of noodle is added meat and vegetable is more nutritional than a normal meal?

Doctor Luong Le Hoang

The questioner answered itself. If instant noodle is not nutritious, not good for health, how can it exist during a hundred year? Any technology food which is added fresh food, is more nutritional than its original version.

– Cao Thanh Binh – binhcaothanh…

Dear Doctor, I have a 3 years old son. One week ago, I had a business trip and my husband took care of our son. Because my husband is lazy, he usually cooked instant noodle for breakfast and aslo cook for our son but do not pour oil, only add a little bit spice and boiling water. When I know about that, I feel so sorry to my son, I do not give him instant noodle anymore and replace by gruel, he cried as a protest, he wanted to eat instant noodle like my husband. I want to ask that if young children eat instant noodle instead of gruel in the morning, is there enough nutrition? Should I definitely change food for my son or give him instant noodle and add some other food like meat or shrimp? Thank you in advance

Doctor Luong Le Hoang

Dear Mrs. Binh,

Using instant noodle for children’s breakfast is not harmful to their health; but do not forget to diversify a meal with fruit juice, yoghurt. It is better if fish, meat and vegetable are added into the noodle.

Children are different from adult that they are very honest, if they love they will say love, if they hate they will say hate. Whenever children eat well, that food meets children growth’s demand.

Do not force children to eat according to the preconception of adults and any food even adult cannot eat

– Le Hong Hoa – Tan Phu District, HCMC

Recently, my two children usually eat Korean instant noodle. But I see that its noodle ration is too big and lots of sauce. I worry that whether that food portion is big or not? If they frequently eat, they will continue to eat and get fat. I want to ask that how much should my children (14 years old and 21 years old) eat? Eating instant noodle instead of rice is okay or not? Thank you very much and best wish for you.

Doctor Luong Le Hoang

Dear Mrs. Hoa,

Depending on each age and weight that you need to make a suitable serving, ensure provide enough energy and essential nutrients to the body, including protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamin and mineral.

Similar to rice, instant noodle is the providing energy source from starch, and there is also the amount of protein and fat.

This nutritional information is published by the manufacturer on the packaging. So you should refer to complement other food such as meat, eggs, vegetable, tuber, and fruit … in the food portion every day to ensure the balance of nutrition.

Tung Anh – District 7, HCMC

Dear Doctor Luong Le Hoang. My son is 2 years old and really likes to eat raw instant noodle, is there any effect on his health? Every time I give him instant noodle, his face very cheerful. Two hands, two pieces, a small fiber fell down, he picked it up off the ground. I want to ask that at his age, can he eat instant noodle? Is it okay if eating instant noodle without cooking, or need to be cooked? Thank you very much

Doctor Luong Le Hoang

Children from the age they can eat always eat snack because snack meets the criteria of satisfying sensitive taste of them. It contains starchy and is a little bit salty and brittle that why they really like to eat instant noodle. Sometime eating like that is okay, because instant noodle through the advanced production technology is same as a biscuit, and do not forget give them lots of water after eating noodle.

Do not offer give instant noodle to 2-year-old children, not because instant noodle is bad for health like in many “fake” news, just because children need a various nutrition regime at this age.

Vu Thi Hoa – vuhoa0703198…, Uong Bi, Quang Ninh

Dear Doctor,

I heard that nutrition in instant noodle mainly provides starch and vegetable protein. If eating instant noodle frequently will make imbalanced nutrition which cause serious effect on health? Is that true? Looking forward to your advice. Thank you in advance.

Doctor Luong Le Hoang

Starch is a temporary providing energy source. If you are hungry, tired, hypoglycemia, instant noodle is… medicine!

Vegetable protein is essential component for cellular structure as well as safer than animal protein because it did not cause adverse reaction such as dyslipidemia, increase acid uric in gout disease. However, any nutrition regime which is monotonous is also harmful. Instant noodle is good for health if add fish, meat, vegetable rather than just add salt.

– Tran Ngoc Bao Han – a student in Dong Na

What is the starch content of instant noodle? I am losing my weight; I do not want to eat rice, cake to reduce starch because I want to follow instruction of my coach. One package of noodle is equivalent to a part of one bowl of rice or one bowl of rice. I usually eat noodle so I want to know it to balance my diet regime. Thank you very much.

Doctor Luong Le Hoang:

Dear Bao Han,

Depending on each type of instant noodle, the starch content in each pack does not exceed 60%. The amount of starch in noodle is half as much as rice. Therefore, people who want to lose their weight have less calorie with the amount of noodle is equivalent to the amount of rice. That’s why many doctors recommend their diabetes patient replacing rice by noodle or rice vermicelli…to feel full without increasing blood sugar.

– B.Trân – Long An

Dear Dr. Luong Le Hoang, I am 42 years old and living in Long An, I usually eat instant noodle (if you don’t mind I want to ask one private question: Do you often eat instant noodle?) but I do not know how to eat properly? When eating instant noodle, do I need to add some food in order to ensure nutrition? Thank you very much.

Doctor Luong Le Hoang

Because I usually eat instant noodle, I love noodle very much. Eating noodle in the right way includes water is completely boiled, do not scaled noodle for a long time, add meat, fish or vegetable as “side dish” and the important thing is the context of eating noodle.

Noodle is the most harmful to health is when eating in a table with your hateful people and listening “annoy” stories. When you are angry or feel annoyed, even drinking water is harmful to your health.

– Nguyen Bao Trang – Au Truong Lan, District 8, HCMC

Dear AloBacsi,

My father is a civil engineer, usually go outside for work. My mother does not stay with him so his meal is so frugal; sometime he has to bring instant noodle or dry provisions to reserve for busy day. I want to ask that for those who have hard work like my father, each meal with instant noodle provides enough energy?

Doctor Luong Le Hoang

Quality is dual world. Form of nutrition only with instant noodle provide enough energy but not enough nutritious. They need to eat more, even if hard work, have to supplement restorative such as smoothies, mineral and amino acid. Although his wife is not next to him, even busiest men can still take care of themselves with a delicious and safe meal, use instant noodle as main ingredient but different ways to cook. Man usually excuses!

– Nguyen Bao Nam – Go Vap District, HCMC

Dear Doctor,

Because of my work, instant noodle always goes with me. I usually eat I when I do not have time, I eat 2 packs at a time and feel full for a long time. Many people said that eating 2 packs at a time and feel full for a long time are true. However, when I eat 3-4 bowl of rice, I do not feel full for a long time like that. I want to ask:

  • Where is feeling come from? Both rice and noodle contain starch, does instant noodle make people feel full longer than rice?
  • Is eating 2 packs, even 4 packs of noodle per day okay? In other meal, I can supplement other nutrients; does it ensure to provide enough nutrition for my body?

Thank you very much for your answer

Doctor Luong Le Hoang

Full feeling for a long time or hungry feeling depends on the speed of energy consumption and the energy supply of food; rice, however, make you feel hungry faster than noodle and rice vermicelli… Do not compare them to save your time.

Eating much not exactly means full stomach for a long time. Sometime you just eat a little but feel very full maybe because of a disease such as hepatitis, bad food or eating with hateful people. Just relying on full or hungry feeling is lack of objective.

Any nutrition regime which is monotonous or exaggerates is harmful for health. Why you eat 4 packs of noodle in a day while our country has thousands of different foods?

Information portal for health consultant –


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