Section 5 – Fatty substance trans fat in instant noodle

Questions related to instant noodle

Section 5 – Fatty substance trans fat in instant noodle

Source (Free Information for Health Consultant)

On the afternoon of March 23th, doctor of “Medical Joy” – Luong Le Hoang spent more than 2 hours to consult, discuss directly with AloBacsi readers about questions related with instant noodle pack.



– Le Vy – Student of University of Social Sciences and Humanities

Dear Dr. Luong Le Hoang,

I’m your fan and often watch your medical conversations on Television

Recently I also read information that you discuss on talk show related to instant noodle at the weekend.

I would like to extract a paragraph from the article: “Cancer by eating a lot of noodle”: What does the expert say?” that:

Associate Professor – Doctor Nguyen Xuan Ninh, Former Dean of Micronutrient Department, National Institute of Nutrition, said: “Instant noodle contains lots of saturated-fat, especially trans-fat, starch, salt but lack of fiber. When eating a lot of instant noodle which contain trans-fat increase metabolic diseases such as dyslipidemia. Instant noodle also has lots of salt which increase the risk of high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and burden on kidneys”.

According to World Health Organization’s (WHO) warm, trans-fat increase bad cholesterol in blood which increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Trans-fat, when entering the body, will create fatty plaques that stick to artery wall and narrow coronary arteries, blood flow to the heart is slowed down or blocked. Blood is blocked in the brain causes cerebral infarction, blood is blocked in the heart cause heart attack, and blood is blocked at four limbs cause limbs’ necrosis.

Some research on instant noodle shows that additives, food color, salt, saturated-fat, low in fiber … if eating for a long time can easily cause constipation. Prolonged constipation can increase the risk of gastrointestinal diseases including rectum.

Another article: Instant noodles – a scary silent “killer”

The attraction and convenience of instant noodle makes us “poisoned” gently without knowing about it. Because you cannot get rid of this dish, let’s learn the way to eat as less harmful as possible

When eating noodle, do not eat noodle soup which can cause the disease

Eating a pack of noodles that are quick and inexpensive as well as full your stomach with delicious flavor, but no one realized whether it is a harmless food or not

One research shows that eating a bowl of instant noodle is equivalent to drinking 65ml of soy sauce (or fish sauce), the amount of sodium in a packet of noodle by far exceed normal standard

We all know that salt standard is allowed to eat up to 6 grams per person per day.

But in the reality, the amount of salt in a packet of instant noodle and added spice is higher 1.8 times the standard amount

Please explain to me whether that information above is true or not?

Doctor Luong Le Hoang

Dear Le Vy,

Information on medical mass media with the main point of instant noodle composition is scientifically correct. Unfortunately, it can be said that the missing point in each new is, the condition for bad substances can cause a disease for the body!

Although the scientist may be disturbed, even worried about the discovery of pathogenic substances, as described in several news with the heading “Metabolic syndrome” including: obesity, high blood hyperlipidemia, pressure, diabetes … But the disease occurs or not depends on many factors such as the accumulated amount in the body, metabolic function, the detoxify ability of liver, current catching disease…If just rely on the amount of some x, y substances to conclude that it definitely caused a disease, in most cases, is unilateral surmise. That’s why test result in the laboratory (in vitro) is by far different in the human body (in vivo).

Whether instant noodle has pathogenous ability or not depends not only on the content but also on the individual’s ability to absorb and individual metabolism. The research called “harm of food” in the form of instant noodle are not sufficient to conclude a positive conclusion. By contrast, the number of people who have been desired this food, the number of people who are still healthy and happy, is the objective criteria to answer the question that many people are worrying… Is the worry about instant noodle an immoderate worry? Ask a lot when you already known the answer.

– Ngo Van Hai – Hoang Mai District, Ha Noi

I like and usually eat instant noodle. I usually cook instant noodle as my favorite like adding meat, vegetable or sausage… but I heard that added food will make the body absorb big amount of carbohydrate and fat that leads to increase in the content of fat, calorie which cause obesity and increase the risk of catching diseases related to obesity such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high cholesterol…Doctor please advise me the way of delicious eating as well as nutritious?

Doctor Luong Le Hoang

Food that is high in energy, rich nutrition cause obesity and metabolic disorder if customer only eats without use. In case of people who are overwork and busy during day and night, instant noodle with fish and meat is not enough to them. In case of people who do nothing, sit in front of television, stay up late to play tablet, half of one pack noodle is spare. Health or sickness is due to the balance of supply and demand

– Tran Minh Hang – Nguyen Trai, Thanh Xuan District, Ha Noi.

Dear Doctor,

I heard from foreign researches that eating one bowl of instant noodle is similar to drinking 65ml of soy sauce (or fish sauce); the amount of sodium in one pack of noodle is by far higher than the normal standard. I want to ask: In Vietnam, this information is true or not in case of noodle which have a right to put into circulation. My mother gets high blood pressure disease, how many pack of noodle she can eat per week? Thank you very much

Doctor Luong Le Hoang

Dear Minh Hang,

Online news is in “devil-may-care” way of “daredevil” author; hope your computer has no internet at that time… The above sodium content comparison news is WRONG!

If one pack of instant noodle contains that amount of sodium salt, millions of worker, famer, poor people, student in the remote area…people who eat instant noodle to have enough energy to work, study, all of them maybe died because of high blood pressure.

Instant noodle has been put into circulation in the world is toxic? The prestigious and rigorous organization about food quality FDA in America close one’s eyes to billions of noodle are consumed every year in the U.S.A?

Depending on whether the blood pressure is stable or not, the patient is obese or not. Doctor is responsible for treatment will advise in detail about the nutrition regime.

I want to ask that if dipping instant noodle into hot water once before eating, will be safer?

Doctor Luong Le Hoang: Dipping instant noodle into hot water before eating is not necessary; even you should not do like that because it will reduce the taste of noodle. Do not need to dip noodle into hot water because instant noodle when produced by advanced technology is “cooked”.

I also wonder about shortening substance which is used to fry noodle, causes atherosclerosis, is it true? After eating noodle, I feel a thin layer in my mouth, is it the shortening substance used to fry noodle? I want to ask that is the shortening safe for consumer? If eat much, does it catch a disease?

Doctor Luong Le Hoang: If the manufacturer complies with the production process respect food safety and hygiene and consumer’s health, they will not choose additive which cause atherosclerosis, or even if yes, it is just a tiny amount of additive which cannot cause atherosclerosis. The feeling of a thin layer in your mount after eating do not relate to noodle’s ingredients.

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