Top 5 Chinese noodle dishes loved by thousands of people

It is used to be the capital of 13 Chinese dynasties. The noodle dishes here are not only delicious but also famous for the hand-made noodles.


Nơi đã từng là kinh đô của 13 triều đại Trung Quốc. Không chỉ ngon, những món mì ở đây còn nổi tiếng với những sợi mì làm thủ công.It is used to be the capital of 13 Chinese dynasties. The noodle dishes here are not only delicious but also famous for the hand-made noodles.


  1. Biang Biang

Biang Biang is one of the most famous noodles and listed in the must-taste dishes of the land which used to be the capital of 13 Chinese dynasties. This dish is not only attractive for the deliciousness of the springy and thick noodles made from rice flour but also for its “hard” name. It is a hard name because the word “biang” simulating the sound emitted when mix dough and pull the noodles is the most difficult character in Chinese. It consists of around 60 strokes. You can find this dish on almost all street in Xi’an or you can enjoy it at a restaurant called Nam Vien Mon.

  1. Spinach noodles

This noodle dish is not only nutritious but also attractive by the green color of the noodles. To make the green noodles, the dough is kneaded with spinach juice before pulling the noodles. The spinach noodle dish is nutritious and good for those who have high cholesterol level or high blood pressure. One of the most famous restaurants selling this delicious dish is Kun Kun Bo Cai Mian restaurant where the noodles are very fresh and additional vegetables cost only a few yuan.

  1. Three-flavor noodle

This is a unique noodle dish that you can only find in a restaurant in Xi’an called San Yuan Huang Jia Lao. Just in one bowl, you can enjoy the noodles in three different ways. The first way, you mix the noodles in the thick sauce with minced meat. The second way, you can eat noodles in sour soup. And the final way, you can mix the sauce and sour soup together. Each way of eating is delicious and has its own interesting points.

  1. Lanzhou hand-pulled noodles

Although Lanzhou hand-pulled noodles is sold widely across China, the one sold in Xi’an (the neighboring province of Lanzhou) always has a special charm. This noodle is hand-pulled, thick, and springy. The noodles are served in broth, topped with chili pepper and sesame seeds. This dish is not only delicious but also interesting as you can watch the chef pulling noodles when you are waiting for the dish to be served. A recommended restaurant is Hai De Niu Rou Mian.

  1. Goat noodle

Many people may think that goat meat has a strong taste, mainly due to the bad smell of the meat, so it is not easy for them to like this dish. However, if you have tried goat noodle in Xi’an, you might change your thought. Each bowl of noodle is the wonderful combination between springy and crunchy noodles and the meaty, deep, and rich broth and impressive condiments.


According to (Tri Thuc Tre)

Theo (Trí Thức Trẻ)

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