STEP 1: Dip Nha Toi rice vermicelli in hot water for 5-7 minutes, leave it in cold water, and let it dry

STEP 2: Fry each piece of pigskin until it become crispy and a bit burned.

STEP 3: Pour 4 spoons of cooking oil into the pan, heat cooking oil with medium fire, then put rice vermicelli into the pan and fry it quick until it turns into light yellow color then turn off the cooker.

STEP 4: 
Sesame oil sauce:

– Heat a small pan with 2 spoons of cooking oil, smashed garlic to fry with low fire.

– Pour oyster, soy sauce, boiled water and sugar, stir them steadily until sugar melts entirely and let the sauce boil thickly, finally pour sesame oil and pepper in and then slightly stir them once more before turning off the cooker.


Pour fried rice vermicelli on a plate, sprinkle sesame oil sauce on top with optional amount, mix slightly, additionally scatter spring onion and eat with fried pigskin.

Nha Toi rice vermicelli: 4 handfuls Garlic: 6 smashed pieces Spring onion: 1 small bunch cut into 1cm pieces Pigskin: 200g-300g slices into mouthful threads Cooking oil Sesame oil sauce Oyster oil: 12 spoons Soy sauce: 6 spoons Sesame oil: 1 coffee-spoon Boiled water: 10 spoons Refined sugar: 6 spoons Garlic: 4 smash pieces Cooking oil/pepper/chilli (optional)