To all of you, in response to the love of Vietnamese consumers for the brand of modern instant noodles, on May 28, 2018, Acecook Vietnam officially launched the promotion program for consumers with the name as HAVING PASSIONATE SUMMER WITH MODERN.

With the design of packaging products using the image of the U23 Vietnam team, the company hopes to bring Vietnamese consumers a vibrant and passionate summer 2018 with modern instant noodles.



Goods, promotion services (promotional products):

Modern instant noodle with flavor of Thai Shrimp Hot Pot

Modern instant noodle with flavor of Sauteed meat

Modern instant noodle with flavor of beef stew with herbs

2. Promotion PeriodPromotion Period: From 08:00 am on 28/05/2018 to 20:00 on 25/08/2018.

3. Promotion area (scope): The whole territory of Vietnam.

4. Promotion form: Scratch cards to win.

5. Award structurethe total value of the prize is over 1.5 billion

Award structure Award content Award number
1st prize (Best) 01 IPAD PRO 10,5 INCH – 256GB And Cladding with cool design 20
2nd Prize (Second) 01 PS4 & FIFA 18 100


  • Prizes cannot be changed into cash.
  • Acecook Vietnam Joint Stock Company commits that the prize value is accurate based on the input invoices for the purchase of the Company’s prizes.
  • 1st Prizes (Best), 2nd Prizes (Second) will be given a warranty under the warranty of the prize provider.
  • A Customer may win multiple prizes and no limit on the number of Prizes.
  • The prize will be randomly assigned to winners.
  • Prizes include personal income tax for winners.
  • All prizes are awarded at the venue agreed with the winning customer.

6. Details and rules of promotion program:

    • How to put the scratch card on promotional products: Acecook Vietnam Joint Stock Company will proceed to place scratch card which has been pre-printed on the promotional products and distribute the number of awards across the country.
    • How to participate in the program:
        • During the promotional period, customers who purchase a cup of instant noodle (any promotional product) are able to receive a scratch card placed in a cup of noodles. Customers who receive a scratch card will be sure to win one of the program’s prizes.
        • The scratch card has a silver coating showing the content of the prize. Customers scratch the silver coating in the slot on the scratch card to determine the prize winners according to the award structure of the program.
    • Regulations on proof of winnings:
        • Valid Scratch Cards are scratch cards issued by Acecook Vietnam Joint Stock Company.
        • A valid scratch card has the following dimensions: horizontal 5 cm x vertical 5 cm.
        • Scratch card must be intact, not torn, patchwork.
        • On the card scratches the information as follows:
    • Logo of Acecook Vietnam Joint Stock Company
    • Name of the promotion
    • Silver scraps
    • Code control
    • The duration of the promotion
    • Image promotional prizes
    • Contact Info
    • How to determine the prize:
        • During the promotional period, customers have the opportunity to receive scratch cards. Customers receiving scratch cards will have a 100% chance of winning the promotion.
        • Customers receive scratch cards scraped silver coating as specified on the scratch card to determine the prize winners from the promotion.
    • After scratching the card, customers will be rewarded according to the prizes listed on the scratch card, specifically:
        • Scratch card with the words “IPAD PRO 10,5 INCH – 256GB AND CLADDING” means that the customer has won the 1st prize (Best) is 01 IPAD 10.5 INCH 256GB + 01 CLADDING.
        • Scratch Cards with the words: “A MACHINE 4 PRO TO PLAY GAME FIFA18” means the customer won the second prize (Second) is 01 PLAYING GAME MACHINE FOR  4 PRO + FIFA 18.
        • The deadline for receiving information about the final prize is 20:00 on 26/08/2018.
    • Time, place and procedures for receiving prize:
        • Customers need to contact the program’s consultancy center at Hotline: 19006084 (1.000 VND / minute) to determine the winning information. The counseling center of the program will advise the winning customers on the identification of winnings and book an appointment to award the prize at the address of the winner.
        • At the time of the award as agreement before, the winning customer must present a winning ticket to the staff of the carrier of the prize to conduct checking, reconciliation, sign the minutes of award, and provide full information: Full name, ID number, address, and telephone number.
        • Lucky winners can receive the prize within 20 (twenty) days after confirming the prize with the programs’ call center.
    • Deadline for prizes:
        • Deadline for prizes of Acecook Vietnam Joint Stock Company is responsible for awarding prizes to lucky customers of 30 (thirty) days from the end of the promotion period of the program.

7. Provisions on questions and answers related to sales promotion:

    • For any questions related to this promotion, customers contact hotline 19006084 (1.000 d / minute) for guidance, answers.
    • Call Center 19006084 (1,000 VND / minute) operates everyday (including holidays, Saturday, Sunday) starting from 8:00 am from 28/05/2018 to 26/8 / 2018.

8. Responsibility for notification:

    • Acecook Vietnam Joint Stock Company announces the promotion program on the website, newspaper and at all agents and distributors of modern noodle products nationwide.
    • Acecook Vietnam Joint Stock Company is responsible for announcing results to winners and publishing them on website and newspaper.

9. Other regulations:

    • Acecook Vietnam Joint Stock Company is not responsible for any scratch cards that are contacted outside of the promotional period.
    • Acecook Vietnam Joint Stock Company is responsible for paying irregular personal income tax to winners of prizes.
    • Acecook Vietnam Joint Stock Company is fully responsible for managing the printing process, the accuracy of the proof of winnings and the proof of winnings for circulation in the promotion program.
    • The organization of the promotion must be fair, transparent and objective.
    • If the winning client agrees, Acecook Vietnam Joint Stock Company will use the name and image of the winning client for commercial advertising purposes.
    • In case of any disputes relating to this promotion, Acecook Vietnam Joint Stock Company shall be responsible for resolving directly, if not agreed upon, will be handled in accordance with the law.
    • For prizes not won by Acecook Vietnam Joint Stock Company, it is the responsibility of the Acecook Vietnam Joint Stock Company to deduct 50% of the announced prize value in the state budget in accordance with clause 4 of Article 96 of Commercial law.


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