HCM City, Marth 30th 2016

Acecook Vietnam Joint Stock Company

Acecook Vietnam Joint Stock Company (Headquarter in HCM City – Vietnam, General Director: Mr. Kajiwara Junichi, hereafter called “ACV”) has partnered with Fujitsu Co., Ltd (Headquarter in Tokyo – Japan, General Director: Mr. Tanaka Toruchi, hereafter called “Fujitsu”) to develop the Logistics information system (circulation and transportation of goods and warehouse) in order to enhance the quality of the goods coordination system in Vietnam.

In the future, the application of this system will help Japanese businesses in Vietnam to approach a high quality goods coordination system at the same time right in Vietnam.


In the context that Vietnam has been witnessing the shift in consumer trends due to strong growth of the network of supermarkets and convenience stores, along with the quick globalization trend after Vietnam joined the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the businesses need to know how to adapt with the new business environment in the most timely and effective fashion.

At ACV – the business proud of getting the biggest market share of instant noodles in Vietnam, there are in average approximately 3 billion instant noodle packs (more than 50% of national market) being circulated and distributed from 7 branches in the whole country. With the fleet of delivery trucks up to 400 – 500 trucks/day, ACV needs to find out the solution to improve the quality and effectiveness of goods coordination and reduce Logistic costs at the same time.


ACV has set the target to develop the SCM system (Supply Chain Management: the management solution of general optimization in coordination and sales of finished products, materials via the process of sharing of information on orders, inventory, sales, warehouse between the company and the customers).

Since April 2014, ACV has applied the SCM software package (L-Series) named as “Business support system” by NTT Data Company (including the system for warehouse management, order management, sales support for distributors and sales staff).

Next, the goods coordination information system will be used to collect the data on means of transportation, vehicle operating information to make the base for enhancing the goods coordination operation. Besides, the capture of work progress situations as well as making effective vehicle coordination plans shall help to improve the effectiveness of goods loading and reduce no-load runtime, through which Logistic costs can be reduced.

And with this system, ACV has set the target:

1./ Transport the goods quickly and effectively in the whole Vietnam to always maintain the freshness of the products, bringing consumers high-quality products manufactured with Japanese standards, ensuring food safety and sanitation, health assurance. At the same time, Logistics costs can be reduced.

2./ Make changes to the traffic and Logistics situations in Vietnam via the interconnected Logistics system. Therefore, the project this time is not only a solution to address the issue with which the food businesses (including Japanese businesses currently investing in Vietnam) and the businesses in the Logistics field are facing, it can also become a powerful supporting tool for the businesses planning to invest in Vietnam before our country joins TPP.

[Expected schedule]

From June 2016, Fujitsu Vietnam Co., Ltd (Headquarter: Hanoi – Vietnam, Chief Representative: Kudo Sei) – subsidiary of Fujitsu shall take the role to operate and experiment on the Logistics activities of ACV to verify the effectiveness of the system. The interconnected system is expected to operate in stages from March 2017.

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