Be a connoisseur of food with 13 unique “recipes” of instant noodles

Instant noodles have become so familiar to many people, but just with some very simple variations, we will have different dishes made from this familiar ingredient.

With a low price and high nutrient contents equivalent to a meal, instant noodles become the choice of many people on busy or “difficult” days, especially students. The most popular way to eat instant noodles that almost everyone applies is the recipe of noodles and boiling water. It is so simple and convenient. To make the daily instant noodle dish more diverse, let’s look through some new recipes below.

Instant noodles with bacon and egg

We can change the taste a little bit by adjusting the seasoning sachets and add bacon, eggs, tomato, mushroom, etc. or anything you like, your bowl of noodles will definitely look more attractive. Starting a new week with this tasty bowl of noodles, the mood will be much better, right?

Instant noodles with spicy sauce and cheese

Do you like the spicy and buttery taste? Adding a little spicy sauce and some cheese, sprinkling some condiment vegetables, the flavorful noodles will make you want to devour them immediately.

Chicken noodles in Thai style

If you love the tastes of Thai food, you can make some change to your bowl of noodles by adding chicken, broccoli, and mushroom which are stir-fried with soy sauce, and spring onions. Then, you can say goodbye to the boring dish.

Instant noodles with Korean chili pepper powder

A completely new recipe for making the sauce is mixing soy sauce, sesame oil, rice vinegar, honey, and an indispensable ingredient – Korean chili pepper powder, then stir-frying this mixture with noodles, your dish will have a fascinating spicy taste.

Instant noodles mixed with broccoli and peanut butter

Supplementing vegetable and vegetable protein right in the noodle dish is not as difficult as you think. Just by adding broccoli to the noodles and mixing them with some peanut butter, you will definitely fall in love with the taste of this new dish.

Instant noodles salad

It sounds strange, isn’t it? However, this is one of the most interesting and delicious dishes. It is interesting because this dish is not made from cooked noodles, but from crushed raw instant noodles which are mixed with other ingredients such as cabbage, carrot, onion, chicken, etc. This dish can be served with the main dishes in a meal or can be used as a supper.

Spicy instant noodles with guacamole sauce

The special feature of this dish is the buttery guacamole sauce covering the noodles. Guacamole sauce is made from the mixture of coconut milk, green onion, parsley, and lemon sauce which are ground together to make a fascinating taste for this dish. You can add some spicy marinated shrimps, cherry tomatoes, and cucumbers to make the dish more nutritious.

Instant noodles mixed with cheese and pepper

The special feature of this dish is that it is mixed with a great amount of cheese and ground black pepper which form an intense and buttery flavor that cannot be refused.

Home-made Mi Goreng

This dish is extremely simple but its taste is absolutely fascinating. The “highlight’’ of this dish is that it does not require seasonings, but the dressing made from soy sauce, tomato sauce, sesame oil, and white pepper. Especially, before eating, the fried onion should be sprinkled and a slice of the soft-boiled egg should be added to enhance and fulfill the taste.

Crispy instant noodles salad

There is another variation of the raw instant noodle which is familiar with our childhood. Soy sauce, rice vinegar, sesame oil, sugar, and melted butter are mixed together with some crushed instant noodles. Then, pour the dressing over the chopped lettuce, toss, and enjoy the salad.

Instant noodles, cherry tomato, avocado, and vinegar

This is a simple variation of “instant noodle spaghetti” with the recipe of mixing instant noodles with the dressing made from olive oil, vinegar, sliced avocado, and cherry tomato. Particularly, do not forget to add some basil before eating, it will be fascinating.

Creamy ramen with bacon

This dish is extremely quick and simple to make. You just need to mince the bacon, stir fry it with some onion, then add cream and seasoning sachets of the noodles. Before eating, pour the sauce over the boiled noodles, you will have savory dish.

Instant noodles stir-fried with shiitake mushroom, mustard greens, and egg

There is another option of stir-fried noodles for the fans of instant noodles. You just simply need to stir fry mushroom and mustard greens with some sesame oil and pepper, and then mix them with boiled noodles, and top with an omelet. This dish is quickly cooked and has sufficient nutrients, so it is appropriate for breakfast.

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