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Ho Chi Minh City, January 23rd, 2019

On the occasion of the Lunar New Year 2019, Acecook Vietnam Joint Stock Company cooperated with Thanh Nien Newspapers and Student Assistance Center in Ho Chi Minh City to organize the Lunar New Year Holiday program to support 2,500 free tickets to students having difficult circumstances from Ho Chi Minh City to come back home to enjoy a happy holiday. Buses will depart on January 26th, 2002 (on the 21st of the lunar calendar).

For most Vietnamese people, the Lunar New Year is the most important and meaningful time of the year because they will gather with their families, especially those who do business and study far from their homes, so, to be enjoyed traditional Lunar New Year ceremonies at home is a special desire. However, due to many cumbersome conditions, many people have to temporarily put aside this simple but meaningful desire.

General Director of Acecook Vietnam Joint Stock Company – Mr. Kajiwara Junichi shared: “In order to sustainably develop Vietnam’s economy and society, we realize that Acecook Vietnam needs to be responsible for contributing to society, maintaining good traditional cultural values ​​in parallel with developing new values. The Lunar New Year Holiday trip is a very meaningful activity, helping students to spend time with their families on the Spring holiday, so that you can receive a warm, more complete and energetic holiday to continue the journey to contribute to the future of Vietnam. “

It is the first time away from home, freshman Dinh Thi Hanh smiled brightly with the ticket of Lunar New Year Holiday trip. “I am excited to go home” – Hanh said.


The confided letter, longing for gathering with family in the coming New Year

The selection of giving tickets is carried out carefully by the organizers based on the circumstances of the students as well as the desire to spend the Lunar New Year in the letters that students send when registering for the program. Each letter is sent to the program, which is a very difficult situation of students. But most share a determination: try to learn to escape poverty. And most of them are expecting to be reunited with their families, given love in the early moment at home.

New Year, it is the time we just want to return to our familiar homeland atmosphere… (Photo: Ngoc Thang)

Acecook (January, 2019)

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