Are containing plastic bowls-cups-trays of Acecook Vietnam’s instant noodles safe?

At Acecook Vietnam, all materials to produce cups, bowls, trays are imported from reputable suppliers which are certified in food safety. Acecook Vietnam’s plastic cups, styrofoam bowls and styrofoam trays are not only used for domestic products but also exported to many countries in the world, satisfying quality requirements of such fastidious markets as Europe, etc..

Plastic materials are controlled in compliance with the “National Technical Regulation on Safety and Hygiene for Synthetic Resin Implement, Container and Packaging in Direct Contact with Foods QCVN 12-1: 2011/BYT” (Including regulations on checking safety criteria for heavy metal contamination, immersion test in solvent and water at specified temperature and time).

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In addition, Acecook Vietnam always strictly control criterias on content of substances that potentialy affect  human health or might cause cancer such as Bisphenol A, phthalate derivatives and heavy metal contamination possible in the materials, ensuring compliance with Regulation EU (Regulation EU No. 10/2011).

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