What are the differences between expensive and cheap instant noodles?

The degrees of suppleness and softness are not affected by product prices.

The suppleness, softness of noodle strands depends on the formula of flour mixing, the technique of dough rolling and the degree of reversion (becoming soft again) of products as well as calculation formula of manufacturers to make products have good taste, quality, providing various products in order to meet varying demands, preferences of consumers (some enjoy soft noodles, others enjoy supple noodles).

In addition, instant noodle products are hierarchical, thus, diversifying in prices. This difference has many reasons, such as:

+ Difference in product weight, components and quantity of ingredients used in products. For example, some high-end products containing many ingredients such as meat, shrimp, eggs… and a variety of dried vegetables will have high price.

+ Product lines of bowls, cups, trays will have higher price than packs due to packing costs…

+ Due to import duty on foreign noodles, their prices are higher, etc.

**At present, instant noodle products of all major manufacturers in Vietnam must conform to regulations on origins, ingredients and additives, allowed contents, … of the Vietnam Laws as well as Codex standards on food safety.

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