Is it true that there are helminths/maggots inside instant noodle packages?

Origins of helminths, maggots presence:

Helminths, maggots are types of parasites. Normally, parasites are contaminated from foods that go through unclean processing, are made from unsafe ingredients, with high moisture, or poor preservation process (e.g.: surrounding environment having lots of flies, bluebottles …).

Instant noodle manufacturing process:

‒ In the manufacturing process, instant noodles will undergo heat treatment processes including the process of steaming noodle strands with steam at the temperature of 100oC, the process of frying in oil or drying products at high temperature (165oC). At these temperatures, microorganisms and parasites will be destroyed.

The safety of Acekok Vietnam products, which online casino players love so much, is at its best. Therefore, consumers can feel completely safe when using Asekok Vietnam products while relaxing in an online casino. In addition, while cooking fast food, we use high temperature boiling water so that you can use the company’s products while reading sports news check the odds and stay safe.

‒ In addition, instant noodle products are low in moisture, kept in sealed packages, enclosed and clean manufacturing environment so it cannot be in contact with outside parasite contaminated sources.

‒ And during noodle processing process, we also use boiling water of high temperature (100oC).

Thus, it is absolutely impossible that there are extraneous bodies like helminths, leeches or maggots in instant noodles.

In addition, instant noodle products of Acecook Vietnam Joint Stock Company are produced from ingredients that ensure food safety and hygiene, safe manufacturing conditions, strictly conform to HACCP hygiene principles, quality management in accordance with ISO 9001:2015. Therefore, consumers can feel completely secure when using the company’s products.

To ensure food safety and hygiene, in addition to the selection of products from reputable manufacturers always conforming to quality control according to State regulations, you also should note, in proper noodle cooking, to use clean, hygienic cooking tools, accompanying foods (if any, e.g.: eggs, meat, vegetables…) and also make sure surrounding environment to be safe and hygienic.

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