Is eating instant noodles really harmful to kidney?

At present, there is lots of information on the media that instant noodles cause nephrolithiasis. And the cause of nephrolithiasis is due to eating noodles containing much oxalic acid. The combination of oxalic acid and calcium creates calcium oxalate, which is likely to precipitate deposits forming stones in urinary, hepatobiliary, pancreatic organs. Thus, patients with nephrolithiasis is often advised by doctors to avoid or limit intakes of foods with high content of oxalic acid.

In fact, the information that instant noodles contain much oxalic acid is COMPLETELY INACCURATE

Oxalic acid has 02 forms:

Natural form and artificial form. Natural oxalic acid is organic acid found in many vegetables, fruits such as parsley, carrots, broccoli, tea, wheat flour… Whereas, artificial oxalic acid is used in the industry, for wood bleaching, house appliances cleaning, wastewater treatment.

Some foods in nature contain oxalic acid:

Instant noodle manufacturers absolutely do not add oxalic acid during manufacturing process. Oxalic acid is not in the list of food additives allowed in instant noodles of the Ministry of Health. The content of oxalic acid in instant noodles is from ingredients which may contain natural oxalic acid (wheat flour, vegetables), thus, products using these ingredients may contain oxalic acid as shown in testing results.


According to PhD. Du Thi Ngoc Thu – department of urologic surgery of Cho Ray Hospital, the connection between natural oxalic acid and nephrolithiasis is not strong: “Most patients with nephrolithiasis have stone composition which is calcium oxalate (over 80%). In which eating habits, high-protein foods, pure sugar, high-sodium foods, foods with much oxalic acid, low fiber… increase the rate of contracting urolithiasis. Inadequate water intake also increases the concentration of calcium in urine. It is important to note that it is difficult for normal people eating vegetables, fruits, cereals with natural oxalic acid with normal food intake to suffer from toxic effects or nephrolithiasis.” (Source: Youth)

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