What ingredients are in seasoning oil package of instant noodles

The ingredients of seasoning oil package (or satay oil package) in instant noodle products include:

– Oil: the main ingredient is refined oil

– Extraction (extract) flavours from natural ingredients which are vegetables, spices (onion, coriander, etc.)

Oil package has the effect of enhancing product flavours, so if missing one of component seasoning packages, unique flavours of products will be lessened.

However, the fat content of each instant noodle pack (including oil package) is clearly indicated on the pack and depending on body conditions, users can choose to add more or less fat.

In addition to fat, instant noodles also provide other nutrients like protein, carbohydrates and a little fiber.

Every day, the body needs a variety of essential nutrients such as protein, lipid, glucid and vitamins, minerals and water, users can cook instant noodles with vegetables to supplement water, vitamins, minerals and ensure adequate nutrition for the body.

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