Are fried noodles or non-fried noodles safer?

First, instant noodles are categorized into 2 main types based on the differences in manufacturing process which are fried noodles and non-fried noodles.

Both fried noodles and non-fried noodles are steamed by steam prior to heat treatment to reduce moisture in dried noodle blocks, preventing bacteria from growing and ensuring that instant noodles can be preserved from 5 – 6 months.

+ Fried noodles: manufacturing process includes heat treatment stage by frying in oil, the moisture in dried noodle blocks after frying is about 2-6%

+ Non-fried noodles: manufacturing process does not include frying in oil, heat treatment by drying, the moisture in dried noodle blocks after drying is about 6-8%

Both non-fried noodles and fried noodles receive from the International Codex Technical committee the establishment of CODEX STAN 249-2006 standards, the Directorate for Standards, Metrology and Quality the issuance of TCVN 7879:2008.

Instant noodle products certified and announced as conforming to these standards are considered safe (non-toxic). Depending on preferences on noodle strands, flavours or cooking methods, users can select between fried noodles or non-dried noodles.

*Look up the Announcement of conformity & Certificate of announcement of compliance with Food Safety Regulations of the Ministry of Health – Vietnam Food Administration at:

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