Are seasoning packages of instant noodles the same as soup powder packages in the market?

A typical instant noodle product including 3 main seasoning packages: soup package, satay oil package and vegetable package. The ingredients of these seasoning packages are announced and clearly indicated on product packages, including allergenic ingredients for certain individuals (if any).

About seasoning packages in Acecook Vietnam products
The ingredients of seasoning packages in instant noodle products are mixtures of spices (salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate, pepper, garlic, chilli…) to create unique flavours for each product package.

The components and contents of the ingredients used in seasoning packages are all researched by the company to match each product type, conforming to Vietnam regulations, with full announcement of all ingredients on packages and certified by the Vietnam Food Administration to go through “Confirmation announcement of compliance with food safety regulations”, ingredients and manufacturing specifications of soup packages in Acecook Vietnam instant noodle products all conform to regulations, standards of the company and of Vietnam on instant noodles to be suitable for accompanying use in product packages.

Therefore, soup packages of instant noodles may not be the same as soup packages in the market. Acecook Vietnam does not sell these soup packages separately in the market.

In addition, it is necessary to note that consumers often use half of soup packages and keep the other half for cooking other dishes, which will not meet preservation conditions required by products and be at risk of damage.

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