Do instant noodles cause heat or not?

(Excerpt from Alobacsi)

According to materials on Metabolism and Energy transformation: Nutrients (protein, glucid, lipid) supplied into the body will help ensure daily living activities, but if excess will produce much heat. For some people, due to their own constitution which excreting less sweat, or less physical activities (such as exercise)… heat in the body and heat eliminated from the body will not balance, causing excess heat accumulation in the body, resulting in body heat.

Hence, depending on age, gender and work characteristic, the body needs to have intakes of a variety of foods to ensure adequate nutrition and provide sufficient energy for the body to function, not excessing nutrients causing heat to accumulate in the body.
However, body heat is also a pathology, thus, it is necessary to consult doctors in terms of expertise so as to know the causes and treatment methods as well as have suitable diets and exercises.

Does eating instant noodles cause acne?

Claiming that eating instant noodles causes acne does not result from any medical conclusion. Students, who are in puberty which is also when the body is developing, are likely to experience acne.

What needs to be done is to have scientific diets, get enough sleep – avoid staying too late, drink plenty of water – limit carbonated drinks, eat lots of green vegetables, fruits and should not try to squeeze acne yourself… When having instant noodles, you can add lots of vegetables, making the food both tasty and nutritious.

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